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October 24, 2011
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It was a completely normal day; no special occasions, no anything. Which was exactly why Gilbert Beilschmidt was walking down the street with a bouquet of roses. To Gilbert it felt odd to be walking around with all these roses on a normal day, but Spain was never wrong when it came to relationships.

"You're expected to be romantic on the important days, so if you really want to impress someone, you have to be romantic on normal days too!"

Just as Gilbert suspected, Roderich wasn't home yet. Unlocking the door, he began to put his plan into action. He should have just enough time to prepare everything.

Roderich sighed as he slowly made his way home. It had been a long day and he was aching all over. On the bright side, at least he wasn't hungry. The meeting had lasted so much longer than planned that they finished discussing it over dinner. As Roderich was about to unlock the door, he noticed something on the top step. It was a red rose with a ribbon tied around it. He wondered what special occasion he had forgotten as he walked into the house and took off his shoes.

Oddly enough, the house was silent. Usually Gilbert was there to greet him, often times with some sort of meal on the table or at least tea. Gilbert always seemed to know when he had a long day before he even got home, and attempted to make the Austrian's life a little easier. Today, however, it sounded as if no one was home. Roderich was just about to call out when he noticed a trail of rose petals on the floor and chuckled. What on earth was Gilbert planning? More importantly, why was he doing all this? Roderich had the funny feeling he was either apologizing for something or had gotten the date wrong.

Roderich decided to humor him by following the trail. As expected, it led to the bedroom. The roses were a sweet gesture, but Roderich would have to refuse this time. He was just so tired!

Gilbert's plan seemed predictable, but Roderich was quite surprised when the bedroom was empty. The only thing out of place was a bouquet of roses on the bed and a note. Roderich read the note out loud and smiled. "Beautiful roses for a beautiful person. It's pretty close, but I'm going to have to say you're still more beautiful." He sat on the bed and picked up the flowers. They smelled heavenly.

It was starting to look like Gilbert wasn't home, so Roderich went to put the roses in a vase and maybe make a quick cake for them to share. Surprisingly, the kitchen already smelled like it had been used, although it was spotless. If Roderich had been curious before, that was nothing compared to what he felt now. He took the vase into the dining room to put on the table and gasped.

"It's about time you got here," Gilbert said with a smile. The table was set for two and there was a large cake ready to be cut. "I was going to make a full meal, but you were running pretty late, so I figured you already ate dinner. I hope just dessert is alright." He stood and turned on the stereo. Roderich smiled; Gilbert had chosen Chopin.

"What's the occasion?" Roderich laughed as he sat down. "Whatever it is, you're either a little early or a little late. It was sweet though. I love the roses."

"Do I really need a reason?" Gilbert questioned. "What, I can't do something nice for no reason?"

"Well thank you." Roderich took a bite of the cake and nearly moaned in pleasure. German chocolate cake was his favorite. "Delicious! Where did you go to get this?"

"I made it," Gilbert said, blushing slightly. He wasn't the best cook, and was afraid he would somehow mess up the cake. "Is it really that good?"

"Yes! It's amazing!"

Gilbert couldn't help but giggle. Roderich seemed to be trying so hard to resist the urge to scarf the whole thing down at once. "Glad you like it. I was sure I messed up."

"Well it's perfect! You're so sweet." Roderich was highly impressed with the whole thing. Everything was absolutely perfect.

"Only the best for you, Roddy."
:shrug: I promised you guys something not angsty, so here you go. No idea where this came from. I just saw the rose on my desk and thought "I like roses... They're sweet... Maybe i'll write a story..." and now we're here xD

And yes, Spain knows what he's talking about when it comes to relationships. France might be good, but nobody can beat Spain!

I still don't own Prussia or Austria, but maybe if i keep reminding everyone of that and sound really really hopeful someone will give me them xD
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